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2019 Theme: "Higher Ground"

Sermons from the book of Job

Sermons from our 2019 Bible Reading Plan

Sermons from the book of Habakkuk

Sermons from the book of Proverbs

The Lord's Supper

Sermons from the book of Jonah

Including these monthly themes:

  • January and February -- "The Battle to be Right with God"

  • March and April -- "Battles of the Mind"

  • May -- "Battling Sin"

  • June -- "Battling Decisions"

  • July -- "Battling the Trials of Life"

  • August and September -- "Battling Cultural Norms"

  • October -- "The Battles of Faithfulness and Commitment"

  • November -- "Battles for the Right Attitudes"

  • December -- "Battles within the Local Church"

Including these monthly themes:

  • January -- "Getting to Know God"

  • February -- "Getting to Know His Church"

  • March -- "Knowing How to Worship God"

  • April -- "Getting to Know God's Son"

  • May -- "Getting to Know God's Word"

  • June -- "Getting to the Heart of God"

  • July -- "Getting to Know God Through Prayer"

  • August -- "Getting to Know God by Turning from Sin"

  • September -- "Getting to Know God by Learning to Fear Him"

  • October -- "Getting to Know the Body of Christ"

  • November -- "Getting to Know God Through Marriage"

  • December -- "Living in a World that Does Not Know God"

  • Alan Yeater -- "What Do I Believe?"

  • Mark McCrary -- "A Call for Commitment"

  • Mike Thomas -- "Walking with God"

  • Donnie Rader -- Summer Gospel Meeting (2018)